Personal Training and Online Programming

Back at the beginning of lockdown when teaching classes etc basically ground to a halt I started a personal trainer course. It was something I had fancied doing for a while but time!

Anyway I started it made it through all the paperwork and exams but didn’t have an opportunity to take the practical exams till yesterday. I really pleased to say that I passed. This means I can offer PT sessions within the Alnwick area but it also means I can offer online training to anyone who feels they would benefit from it.

I particularly hope to work with anyone who is recovering from illness, or has hypermobility issues and needs to work on strength and stability or is peri/post menopausal, including surgical menopause.

The reason for wanting to work with people who are struggling with health issues is simple. I’m one of them, I have chronic health conditions and know just how life changing fitness can be. This doesn’t mean I’ve fixed myself and I still have flare ups. BUT I have a near normal quality of life. It was also strength training that helped my chronically ill daughter to get back to school. So I’m pretty passionate about it!

If you think you could benefit from individualised programming using a blend of yoga, Pilates and strength in order to improve your health please get in touch!

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