What is online/at home programming

I’m thrilled that a few people are already really excited about my new venture into online/at home programming.

This means I’ve only 4 places left, as due to my PhD etc I’m careful to not over commit (something it took me decades to learn!)

If you are wondering what it’s all about it’s pretty simple you would tell me your aims and any injuries/health conditions you are working through. We would then establish what your short term and long term goals are and each week I would send you exercises for that week. We would use a blend of yoga, Pilates, strength and cardio depending on your aims. Usually it’s 3 to 4 sessions for the week. How long the sessions are depends on the time you have available. There would be links to videos of any new exercises along with relevant explanations.

You would then feed back to me how that week went, what works if anything doesn’t and I would tweak accordingly.

It’s a bespoke at home program to help you work towards your health goals using whatever equipment and time you have.

I am particularly looking to work with anyone recovering from illness/injury or living with chronic health conditions. Or anyone who has been away from movement for a long time and is wanting to build back up. Essentially anyone who wants to use movement to help regain their health.

I’m very open with the fact I have chronic health issues that I in the main control through lifestyle and exercise. This is why I am quite so passionate about this area of fitness. The aspect of it that gives you your life back. For me finding the right combination of movement has been life changing.

Programming will be available from the 22nd of August and costs £40 a month.

If you would like to join me please drop me a message

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