About me

A little bit about who I am and what I do.

I’m Sam and I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga and Pilates for a couple of decades now.

In 2020 at the start of the pandemic I began studying to be a personal trainer, I had been strength training for a few years at that point and having found it life changing wanted to share my passion for it.

My main study/qualifications :-

  • Pilates Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Ashtanga teacher training at Union yoga with Brian Cooper.
  • Power yoga teacher training with Bryan Kest.
  • Power yoga teacher training with Mark Blanchard.
  • Yoga teacher training with Christopher Gladwell.

Some of the short trainings include those with:-

  • Kino MacGregor
  • Sharath Jois
  • Ana Forrest
  • Kausthub Desikachar
  • Brian Cooper
  • Shiva Rea
  • Paul Grilley

My own practice and fitness includes yoga, Pilates, strength training and cardio. I use a blend of these methods with clients.

On the whole my teaching and ethos has been most impacted by Christopher Gladwell and Mark Blanchard. Of course my style has developed into my own unique blend of influences, personal experience and teaching experience along with a sprinkling of humour (bad jokes, puns and 80s/90s geek movie references)

As much I learned huge amounts from attending classes and courses I have learned more I believe as a teacher than as a student. Working with wonderful people over the years and helping with recovery from operations, injuries or dealing with long term conditions has taught me more for my practice and teaching then I can put into words.
I try to never refuse any student either from a class or as a personal training client.

I also enjoy academic research

My academic qualifications are:-

Ba Hons in religious studies
Graduate Diploma in Law (common professional exam)
Postgraduate Certificate in Commercial Law

I am currently working on my PhD in law which takes the majority of my days.I also work intermittently as a legal research assistant for Robert Gordon university.I am a mum of 3, 2 grown and 1 teen and have 5 cats, 1 dog and a immortal lizard.

Any questions feel free to ask!

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